Year 1

Meet the staff

Class Teacher: Miss Brimelow
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Smillie (HLTA)



Welcome to Year One! 

Hello and welcome to Year One! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and that you’re all ready for a brand new school year! obviously things will be a little different to normal this year, but rest assured, we will do our best to make your child feel safe and secure whilst following the latest government guidance.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to provide you all with some useful information as to what to expect now that your child has moved from Reception into Year 1! Hopefully I will cover most things within this letter, however, if you do ever have any queries, concerns or just need to chat about anything, please don’t hesitate to come in and see me!


The Year 1 curriculum builds and extends on the Foundation Stage Curriculum that your child was so used to in Reception.

In Year 1 we aim to reflect a similarity of the provision provided in Reception, by having different areas of learning for children to make their learning choices within!

Alongside this we will continue to further develop the children’s ability to work on a combination of adult led and independent focused table tasks. This more focused, formal learning is something which will gradually increase as the year progresses with the children transitioning fully into this style of learning from May onwards as they become that little bit more independent and we begin to get ready for their moving into Year 2!


As you can see, there is still be a big emphasis on learning through “play” in Year 1, however there will be a higher level of more focused learning, the children will be encouraged to be that little bit more independent and my expectations of the children will also be higher.


Like the Foundation Stage, we have designed the Year 1 curriculum to be very topic based. This will take into account your child’s interests and give them a rich and memorable experience.

Our topic areas the Autumn term are...

Autumn term 1 – Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.

During Autumn 1 our Maths focus will be:-

  • Place value

  • Addition and subtraction

  • 2D and 3D shapes


During Autumn 1 in English our focus will be:-

  • Ensuring spaces in between words.

  • Using capital letters and full stops correctly,

  • Using ‘and’ within a sentence to extend it.

  • Introduction to poems and building up our vocabulary using describing words.

  • Handwriting

  • Sentence structure

  • Tricky words


In Science our focus will be:-

  • Living things and their habitats with a particular focus upon animals and wildlife in and around the seaside.

Different National Curriculum subjects will be taught through our themes offering an exciting and fluid delivery, rather than a rigid separate subject approach. If you do have anything at home which you think may be useful for any of our topics (e.g. books, toys, games artefacts etc...) any short term loans/donations are always greatly appreciated!


In Reception the children did very well with their homework! Your child will continue to receive homework in Year 1 also. For their homework each week your child will be given a set of spellings to learn, a maths/English sheet and they will also be provided with their home reading books to read.


Your child will receive spellings to learn each week. Every Friday your child will be given 5 spellings to learn, they will have a week to learn them, ready for their weekly spellings assessment in school on the following Friday.

You can practise by using the ‘look, cover, write’ method with your child and writing the word several times.


Your child will take part in daily guided reading sessions in school, however, the children’s home reading is also extremely important as an aid in their reading development. When they come into class the children take out their reading books daily, if they do not need their home reading book to be changed as they have not quite finished it yet, they will place their book bag into their tray. However, if they would like their reading book to be changed, it is their responsibility to place it into the tub where it will then be changed and a new book provided. This system will be monitored as we would like to ensure that each child changes their home reading book at least once a week. Your child will still continue to keep a record of their home reading books in the reading records that they had in Reception.


This year, Year 1 P.E session will take place each week on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has their P.E kit in school at all times.

Class Dojo

Carrying on from last year the children will be receiving class dojos. The children have the chance to earn class dojos when they have completed work challenges in the classroom. Class dojo is updated regularly so that you are able to see what your child is doing at school on a weekly basis!

Star of the Week

In year 1 we have a  class owl called Hooty. If your child receives this award they can be very proud of themselves for working so hard and they will come home with Hooty and his book for the weekend!

I hope this all makes sense, however, as I have said, if you do have any questions/queries please feel free to pop in to see me!