Year 3

Meet the staff

Class Teachers: Mrs. D. Salthouse & Mrs J. Healey
Teaching Assistants: Miss E. Stone


Year Three is a special year at school as it marks the transition from Key Stage 1 (infants) to Key Stage 2 (juniors). Most children adapt to the changes quickly and easily although a few need a little more support at the beginning of the year. The most obvious and visible difference is that children now wear a school tie as part of their uniform.

In order to help all children move into Key Stage 2 with confidence during the first few weeks of the autumn term the structure of the day is more like that of year 2 with a short extra playtime in the afternoon.


Year 3 Curriculum Overview



Homework is set on Friday and should be returned to school by the following Thursday. Spellings are included on the weekly homework sheet and spelling tests take place on Thursday.

PE is on Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons – but PE kit should be in school every day and taken home for washing during holidays.

Children are expected to check their own book bags – these are no longer checked by an adult in school.

Children may bring a named bottle of water (no larger than 500ml) to drink at school. They may refill the bottle if necessary, but staff are unable to take responsibility for this, or for washing the bottles. Water is always available in class.

We use class Dojo to share pictures of what we are learning in the classroom and any extra information specific to year 3.

Every day follows a similar pattern with a strong emphasis on English and Maths in the morning and other subjects being taught in the afternoon. Children are expected to maintain a high standard of work in all lessons, and to put all their learning into practise at all times.


Children learn reading (including comprehension), writing, grammar, spelling and handwriting in English lessons. All texts are carefully chosen to interest the children in the class and are often used to stimulate writing.

Further details of the English curriculum covered can be found on the whole year curriculum overview and on the overview which is sent home every term.


As part of the daily maths lesson children learn different skills and strategies to help them tackle a variety of problems and to use their reasoning skills effectively. They are encouraged to explain their answers using practical apparatus as well as drawing and, during the year, are introduced to more formal methods of calculation.

Children are expected to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables from year 2, and to learn the 3, 4 and 8 times tables during the year. The should know them so well that they can answer questions such as ‘What would I multiply 7 by to get the answer 21?’and ‘96 divided by 12 is …’.

 Our currrent topic is:

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As far as possible subjects such as History, Geography, Art, DT and Music are linked through our topic. Topics covered during the year can be seen in our Curriculum Overview.


Science is usually taught as a separate subject although links are made to the rest of the curriculum where possible – for example the topic of rocks is linked with learning about volcanoes and earthquakes in geography.