Year 5

Meet the staff

Class Teachers: Mrs Reed & Mrs Walsh
Teaching Assistant: Miss Stone

Welcome to Year 5


Year 5 Curriculum Overview


What do we do in Y5?

Children, Joy, Smile

The transition to Upper KS2 can be substantial but we work with our class pupils and their parents/carers, doing our upmost to ensure a smooth and positive settling in period to Y5. We feel it is important to get to know our pupils as individuals and respond to them and their needs appropriately, to help them become enthused and resilient learners.

We aim to establish routines and expectations quickly, as most children function best when they know what is expected and what is happening.

In Y5 the curriculum is divided into core and foundation subjects, the core being English (Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening), Maths and Science and the Foundation subjections being R.E, History, Geography, Music, P.S.H.E, Art, D.T, Computing, Latin and P.E.

Our learning is sometimes discrete, following specific subject matter, but often cross curricular, covering various subjects in one lesson/activity.

Each half term is based around a topic; however mini-topics develop or splinter off sometimes as we follow something current or respond to children’s interests.

Our weeks usually start with some text work (reading and comprehension skills) and midweek we have a discrete focus on S.P.A.G. (spelling, punctuation and Grammar). We have an extended writing session every week, usually towards the end as we build up ideas and skills over the week to use. Spelling activities are given weekly.

P.E. is provided by our Sports Coach, Mr Holland, on a Wednesday. Children should come to school in their full PE kit, including house t-shirt, and either shorts or royal blue joggers. Trainers may be worn as long as your child can tie laces independently.

We also celebrate and commemorate important events throughout the year, often exploring them through cross curricular activities. Every few weeks we are recognising ‘special’ events such as Harvest, Remembrance Day, Chinese New Year, World Book Day, Easter and St George’s Day, to mention just a few, through our work.

Please take a look below at the Y5 overview (this is a guide to our long term plan,topics may change or develop as we see fit, but hopefully it will give you some insight)



Year 5 participate in Reciprocal Reading lessons with either their class teacher or teaching assistant at least once a week in lesson time.

We also study and read whole books as a class along with a wide range of other texts across the curriculum. The children read aloud in lessons from these texts. Children continue to read to class teachers and teaching assistants until they have completed the reading scheme or if a particular need is identified.

If a child needs extra support to improve their fluency, expression or understanding they may read on extra occasions to teaching assistants, older/younger children in the school, or they may take part in the Better Reading Programme.


In Year 5 we follow the “No Nonsense Spelling” programme which promotes the knowledge of spelling conventions, patterns and rules. In addition to this the children will practise and learn a range of words including statutory word, common exceptions and personal spellings.


‘Upper Key Stage 2 should develop a neat, individual style that allows them to write legibly, fluently and with increasing speed.’ (National Curriculum 2014) In Year 5 we regularly practise the skills required to develop neat and legible joined handwriting.