Design Technology

Why do we teach DT at Westcliff?

At Westcliff Primary Academy, we aim to give the children the skills to design, make and evaluate their own products, following a design brief in a variety of contexts. Children will have the opportunity to develop their technical knowledge by using a range of tools and materials to create their products. 

Our pupils should be able to organise their knowledge, skills and understanding around the following threads. Long term plans ensure that the children experience key skills in the three threshold concepts, across all Year Groups.  

  • Master practical skills 

  • Design, make, evaluate and improve 

  • Take inspiration from design throughout history

These key concepts underpin learning in each milestone. This enables pupils to reinforce and build upon prior learning, make connections and develop subject specific language. 


How do we teach DT at Westcliff?

Design Technology is taught using the Chris Quigley Curriculum as a starting point. Planning is progressive and skills are revisited from Years 1 to 6 to ensure children have deeper understanding of concepts and techniques.  Knowledge, skills and understanding are progressively built upon through each of the areas of experience of designing, making, evaluating, technical knowledge and cooking and nutrition. Within each discipline this has been provided through gradually extending the breadth of content, increasing the depth of knowledge and understanding and focusing on improving the quality of responses and outcomes.

Children in Early Years are encouraged to show an interest in technological toys and explore different materials, tools and techniques to construct with a purpose in mind. By the end of KS1, children will be familiar with the process of planning, making and evaluating their products. They will have experienced using a range of tools perform practical tasks. Children will have the chance to explore and test existing products. They will create their own mechanisms including levers, pulleys, wheels and axels. Children will understand the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet, and understand where foods come from.

By the end of KS2, children will enjoy Design and Technology and be confident with the process of planning, making and evaluating their products. They will have experiments using a range of tools, and be able to select the most appropriate for a given practical task. Children will be able to analyse existing products, commenting on their aesthetic, functionality and sustainability. They will be confident creating different mechanisms including gears, pulleys, cams and levers. Children will be able to include electrical circuits in their products. Children will understand the principles of a healthy and varied diet, and be able to prepare a meal using a range of cooking techniques and kitchen equipment. 

Design Technology Curriculum

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