Modern Foreign Languages (French)

Why do we teach French at Westcliff?

At Westcliff, we want all children to leave us at the end of KS2 with a solid foundation of linguistic skills which can be applied at KS3 and beyond as 
well as a love of language learning and a thirst for knowledge.

At Westcliff we believe that learning a language opens the door to huge potential. It is a necessary part of being a member of the multicultural society in which we live. We believe that many children really enjoy learning to speak another language. Learning a foreign language helps pupils to extend their communication skills and enhances self-esteem. When our children leave Westcliff at the end of KS2 we aim to have instilled a love of language learning in all of our children and provided them with a good skill set to continue their language learning at KS3 and beyond.

How do we teach French at Westcliff?

For French at Westcliff, we use the 'Rigolo' scheme of work. This helps us to ensure that children are immersed in the language and have the opportunity to practice their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. We believe that learning a foreign language helps all pupils develop their interests and curiosity in the similarities and differences between themselves and others.
From Year 3 through to Year 6 the 'Rigolo' scheme of work is used and we follow 'la famille Mils' who are an English family living in France! This resource is supplemented with high quality games, stories and songs to support our French learning. Westcliff's programme of study is in line with the requirements of the Primary Languages Curriculum. Following the Rigolo programme, our children study twenty four units in total over their four years in KS2. Each unit and each new year aims to build on the knowledge from the previous. The units include learning about countries, cultures, peoples and communities.

MFL Curriculum