Curriculum Statement

This statement sets out the principles underpinning the curriculum and reflects our school’s commitment to developing all aspects of their pupils’ lives.

At Westcliff Primary Academy we aim for our children to:

  • develop inquisitive minds, a spirit of curiosity and a lifelong love of learning
  • be equipped with the skills to fully participate in an ever changing world
  • be respectful and productive members of the community
  • have high expectations and self belief to enable them to fulfil their potential
  • reflect on their learning and seek to extend themselves mentally, physically and spiritually
  • uphold the ethos of the school whilst respecting a range of cultures and beliefs
  • persevere and learn from their mistakes, developing their own resilience
  • develop an understanding and respect for the environment
  • have the courage and confidence to take calculated risks

This is the philosophy of how we want to work and learn. These aims underpin all of the learning that takes place in our school.

As a school we follow the National Curriculum.

For subject specific curriculum statements please click on the appropriate link below:

English Mathematics Science Computing
History Geography Art/DT Music
KS2 Languages - Latin PE RE PSHCE


If you would like further information about the school’s curriculum please contact the school office here