Please see updated class arrangements for September 2022.

Total time in a typical week - 32.5 hours


7.15am School opened up
7.30am The Hive opens
8:35am Teacher on duty opens pedestrian gates, EYFS children go into classrooms. Teacher/Classroom assistant on duty in rear playground.
8.45am Bell sounds (children stand still) - Teacher blows whistle & directs pupils to walk to lines. Staff lock gates.
8.45am Registration – attendance & dinner registers taken.
9.00am Whole School Assembly, Monday and Friday
9.20am First Lessons
10.15am Playtime KS1
10.30am Playtime KS2
10:45am Whole School Assembly (Monday and Friday)

11:55am - 12:55pm

Early Years Lunchtime

12:10pm - 1:05pm 

KS1 Lunchtime

12:20pm - 1:15pm  KS2 Lunchtime
3:10pm Cleaning team opens Falkirk Avenue gates
3.15pm All Children leave school
3:15pm – 5.30pm The Hive After School Club.
3.25pm Cleaning team close pedestrian gates.
6:30pm Cleaning team alarms school and padlocks main gates