Mission Statement

At Westcliff Primary Academy, we aim to provide an exciting and challenging curriculum, in a bright, stimulating environment.  We recognise that change is a driving force in school improvement and are committed to being the best we can be. Our dedicated staff have high expectations of both pupil behaviour and attainment so that every child is given the opportunity to thrive. We work together with parents to ensure the very best outcomes for our pupils. Our hope is that when they leave Westcliff, pupils are confident, happy and resilient learners, ready to face the challenges of high school and life beyond.


Curriculum Intent Statement

At Westcliff, we strive to provide a curriculum for our children that is ‘rich and memorable’.  This doesn’t mean that we simply deliver great ‘memories’ but rather that we facilitate opportunities for children to learn and remember things; to gain and build skills.  We believe that lessons should be connected so that children can engage in deep and meaningful learning over time. Topics are carefully chosen to enthuse and engage learners, but also to ensure good coverage and progression so that pupils develop secure understanding and a range of transferable skills. Our pupils are encouraged to contribute to curriculum design, and our Year 6 subject leaders work with our teachers to continuously adapt and evolve approaches.

At the heart of our curriculum is a commitment to nurture a love of reading as this opens the door to all learning; books form the foundations of topics and all pupils are encouraged to read widely, developing an extensive vocabulay, sound comprehension skills and a voracious appetite for books. Similarly, we aim for all pupils to develop fluency and confidence in mathematics, in order to achieve mastery and succeed across the curriculum.

We provide a wide extra-curricular programme, developing expressive arts and essential life skills. Educational visits and visitors to the school are encouraged, to further inspire and motivate learners. As a Beach School, all children have opportunities to visit the local beaches throughout the year, and to understand our locality and its history.

Our academy provides an inclusive environment, where the majority of pupils enjoy their education and most make very good progress in most subjects and areas of learning. In every lesson, our pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves in their activities. Whenever possible, we move pupils on within the lesson to the next level of challenge. Fix It time is built into each lesson so that every child can reflect on feedback and ensure understanding. Our "Wow Time" daily lessons and weekly quizzes inspire further research and retention of memorable information.

The Purpose Of Our Curriculum Is:

  • To inspire a love of learning
  • To enable learning through creative approaches
  • To provide a breadth of skills and knowledge
  • To build confidence
  • To build emotional intelligence
  • To develop a working memory
  • To develop inquisitive learners and critical thinkers

Our Specific Drivers Are:


Enabling our children to make independent decisions, to explain and justify their decisions considering the implications for themselves and others. We encourage pupils to have the courage to persevere and confidence to take risks, try out different approaches, to learn from their mistakes, developing resilience.


We help children to build realistic and high aspirations and know available possibilities for their future, tuning into their own strengths. We provide opportunities for all pupils to look to positive role models in wide-ranging careers, placing great emphasis on the value of ambition.


We encourage a spirit of curiosity and participation in learning about our ever-changing world. We learn about our immediate locality and extend our knowledge of the wider world through “Wow” (World of Westcliff) time each day.

Our Values:


We expect pupils to have high expectations of their behaviour, work and presentation. They should develop the self-belief to enable them to fulfil their potential. We encourage pupils to reflect on their learning and extend themselves mentally and physically so that they are proud of all they achieve.


Our aim is for pupils to be “the best they can be” - to aim high and be whatever they want to be!


We instil in our pupils the importance of good manners, positive relationships and kindness, in order to nurture friendships. We expect our pupils to grow to be productive members of the community, showing respect for each other, the environment and for British Values.